reccommend a 700c tire

street riding on a fixed gear in nyc. minimal skidz



who the fuck runs 700c? 650b 4 lyfe.

'sup Bilbo.


Just get something reasonable quality in the biggest size your bike will take. These are not bad:

schwalbe blizzards.
now eat some dicks.

Get some Kenda Nevegal 29ers. 700c x 55. You will be the cock of the block, my friend.

On some real shit, I’ve been riding panaracer stradius pro’s for about a month now. They say they get flats easy, but I’ve yet to have one. I r not skidz either.

Up front… GP4000S. Been running a regular 4000 on the commute forever, that thing rarely ever gets flatted and rides oh so nice.
Back rear… whatever’s free from the dumpster, but otherwise, whatever’s under $25 if you skid a lot, and under $35 if you don’t. I taught myself to ride exclusively by backpedaling and very light skipping by riding a Pro Race 2 in the rear (used/free). Learn to do the same.

Solid advice. Rode with a fixie kid who took every opportunity possible to skid a couple days ago. Annoying as hell. Should also mention his riserz are chopped down to near stem touching width. Pretty funny seeing him pumpin’ away from a stop, all of which he shakily tarckstanded.

yeah those dudes typically have less than a year of riding under their belt. i’ve seen kids exactly the same description… rolling at 12mph, into the stop light… NUTS TO STEM SKID YO!!

i am proud to say ive been riding brakeless for the last month {not my first time riding brakeless}, and havent skidded on concrete once

man, that’s cuz you’ve been skidding with your face!

$12-25 - Conti Ultrasport / Hutch > Michelin Lithion > Kenda / Schwalbe

$25-35 - Bontrager Race X Lite / Conti GPs

$35+ - Ritchey Race Slick > Michelin PR2/3

personal opinions.

I prefer 26 1 3/8".

I prefer 26 1 3/8".[/quote]
700D :colbert: :bear: :colbert: :bear: :colbert: :bear: :bear: :colbert: :bear: :bear: :bear: :bear:

24 1 3/8"!!@

man, that’s cuz you’ve been skidding with your face![/quote]
ive only gone over the bars once!

16" wheels is the future. i have an investment opportunity for group buys in 16" mag wheels. pm me for details. :bear: