recommend a bike pump

I am looking to get a new pump for on the road flats.
Something that can fit on the frame or in a backpack.
I’m leaning towards the topeak morph and the quicker pro road.
Any experience with these two? What do you like and why?

I have the road morph. It is great. Get one.

i second the road morph.

I’ve no experience with the other pump but everyone is always suggesting the road morph, so that’s what I went for and I’ve had no problems with it. It’s obviously no floor pump, but it will get you a relatively high pressure without too much effort.

That’s what I have too. It’s the only one I found that has a hose. I ripped off lots of valves before. Mine makes a loud ass squeak now, but it still works.

pocket rocket master blaster.
I love mine, cheap and gets the job done.

Road Morph for sure… that little hose really does help a lot, because it makes it simple to apply lots of power to the pump without endangering your valve stem. The pressure gauge is handy too.

This is all you need to know. I have tried many hand pumps, and the road morph is the only one i can recommend.

edit: also; when mine broke the sent me replacement parts, no questions asked.

i had a road morph until the handle broke off.
and co2 is cheaper than a new nice pump, and for the amount of flats i actually get, few and far between, i’d rather just use cheap co2 and then fill up with my nice floor pump (topeak joe blow sprint) when i get home.

I’ve been doing co2 for awhile now and find it really useful, but last week I somehow blew the gasket out of my inflator and it blew up with such a fucking loud, high pitched, noise that my ear hurt all the way down my jawbone and shit was ringing for 3 days. No fun.

Holy shit Zombie. I can’t believe you can still post. Why hasn’t your computer crashed in a fantastic blaze of glory like everything else you touch? lol. Btw, it says a lot that you’re not shy to tell us about your misfortunes.

Holy shit Zombie. I can’t believe you can still post. .[/quote]

Man, you should have seen me yesterday trying to rotafix a stuck cog off. I was absolutely certain that the chain was going to snap and destroy my pretty face. I put on safety goggles and my helmet.

Every time I read a zombie post about some misadventure he’s had, I think there’s a guy I can hang with, like bigbris and guys with no brakes.

+1. I’ve sheared more heads off bolts than I’d ever care to admit.

Thanks for the advice.
I got the road morph today and got to use it within hours which was cool and annoying at the same time.
So much glass everywhere.
The pump seems awesome.

I love c02 but damn, I guess I should watch my o-ring. I only use it like twice, maybe thrice, a year. I don’t get flats a lot, the roads here are alright.

I don’t know what that one is, but its just like the road morph. Probably works just as well

But the road morph is the best i"ve ever used. Hose is awesome, and gets me to a high pressure without much work.

I remember someone posting here or bf a while ago about a 3 chambered pump that worked really well and was pretty cheap on amazon. Anyone know what i’m talking about?

Why do you all keep posting/talking about things I want and don’t have the money for. I hate y’all so much.