What do you mean ‘Record’ - 60s or current?


i’ll take any.

seriously, someone sell me an old super record seatpost (really cheap).

Super Record!

Where’s the option: “Only when I’m drunk and have Brianforum Brian’s CC#” ?


C-Record. Height of their old school technology and elegance.

In my mind it’s not even a question…

That stuff is beautiful, but if you think it’s the height of their technology then you’re terribly stoned.

I think he means in that era.

Panto C-Record FTW

even for the era a lot of that shit was a big FAIL.

High tech from that era? Suntour.
I voted Super Record on the poll because it’s well, super.

someone sell me a 27.2 aero post

man, no love for Nuovo. :frowning:

I have a Kalloy one if you want it.

edit: and a 27.0 c-record one.

C record, duh.

11-speed super record