redonkulous handlebar tape?

Looking for some ultra crazy handle bar tape, crazy 80s colors or patterns.

Any one got a favorite or suggestion?

i have a whole stash of it, but it’s MINE! ... 286.c0.m14

um, ok.

what are some of the colours/patterns that you have?

Cinelli makes some truly goofy looking WCS tape.

the LBS has about half a dozen bins of stuff. i’ve found everything from scott white with lime and orange streaks, blue pink purple white green vinyl splash tape, good horse leather tape, polkadot blue and white vinyl tape, National Wildlife Foundation tape with Eagles on it, Off the Front tape with little pelotons on it, white tape with black skulls, white tape with black flys, blue and white checkerboard woven tape, and splash tape in some of the most vomitastic color combinations you could ever imagine.
there’s also some seriously bright solid colors, and that fade tape that i posted from ebay.

i still have the ones in bold if you’re interested.

i also had this tape, cinelli in the LBS signature colors.

got pictures of those that you have left? they sound bad ass.

i just this afternoon got gold bar tape for amanda’s nishiki. gonna rule!

yeah, but i have no way to transfer them from my memory card.
crazy handlebar tape is the best. it’s a subtle way of looking a little crazy.

i also really like the cinelli WC stripe tape, but i don’t think i could pull it off.

eye-talian stripe is pretty cool, too.

handlebar tape is one of my most favorite bike things in the world.

condom tape!


bought that - no hesitation.

great thread.

dont forget cinelli lumen glow in the dark tape ... dlebarTape ... 286.c0.m14

nothing wrong with benotto, either.

[quote=“room203”]dont forget cinelli lumen glow in the dark tape ... dlebarTape[/quote]

the fact that it’s kind of whiteish makes me think it would get dirty and make the glow kind of spotty, though.

yeah i definitely wouldnt buy it. i imagine it would be fun for like one night then lose its lustre.

JoshFrank’s shop has a pack of chrome bar tape. He offered to buy it for me if I put it on my bike. I respectfully declined.

Someone will use it some day. I can only pray I’m not around to see it. Of course, if it was at the No Brakes shop across town, it’d be gone in 5 minutes.

The gold Deda stuff blows.