Removing DA 7800 BB Cups

I guess it’s a long-shot on this board, but do any of you have experience removing DA 7800 bb cups? These things are stuck on like nobodies business. Even with a 2’ breaker bar they’re not budging. The only “tip” I found on the internet was to hit the fucking wrench with a hammer… Any of you wrenches have a secret for these?

Hitting it with a hammer will help it brake the initial static friction which is holding it so firmly.

Well I just tried and it started notching the cups rather than loosening. Bah!

Try it with the cheater now. You’re just trying to break that deathgrip with the rap.

Hollowtech, right? Do you have one of these?

[quote=“bonechilling”]Hollowtech, right? Do you have one of these?


I’m using the short little one that they provide with the cranks.

I didn’t know they provided one, but I know that I sometimes have to torque the shit out of the cups with the BBT9 in order to get them off, so a mini tool might not provide enough leverage. My second obvious question, are you turning them the right way? The fixed cup (drive side) is left-hand threaded, so you turn it right to loosen it.

Even with a breaker bar and a buddy trying to rotate the frame the opposite direction it’s not moving. I’m to the point of waiting till tomorrow, letting the lbs break their asses on it and buying one of the Park tools for next time. That’ll be twice this month I’ve been defeated by some cranks.

So you’re pulling these from the Mercier?

I don’t really have anything to add to this thread since I’ve never pulled a Hollowtech bb (just installed) , but I do have a barely used (came with the barely-used cranks I got on cl) English threaded Ultegra left over from my build I might be looking to part with if you fuck your DA cups up. Turns out my Merckx was Italian threaded.

What did you get?

Haha, yeah that occurred to me, but I’ve spent 2 hours on it and am sure. The damn thing has an arrow, and this is the nondrive-side. It’s the drive-side threading that always makes me think twice.

What did you get?[/quote]

Yes, they’re coming off the Mercier and going onto a BMC Streetfire. Thanks for the offer. Hopefully I can salvage these, but if it comes down to it I’ll let you know.

For the record, outboard bearings rule. I could totally feel the difference when I switched. Cannondale’s BB30 is even better - the bike feels like it’s going to pop out from under you, it’s so stiff.

Ok, so I shelled out for the Park tool, and this thing still isn’t moving. I’m at a complete loss.

A-HA! It took 2 guys holding the frame and a third with a 4 foot breaker. Sweet sassy molassy.

I bet that was a sight to behold.

Vids or it didn’t happen!

On stuck square tapers a good trick is to mount the tool in a vise and use the whole frame as leverage. I guess you could clamp a hollowtech ii tool down similarly.