removing graphics under clearcoat

i am thinking taking the graphics off my rockhopper 29er comp. i think it is just brushed aluminum with a clearcoat over it. what is the best method to strip decals?

If you feel up to it, you’ll need to sand the clearcoat off the area where decals are to be found, remove the decals, and clearcoat it again.

just put stuff over the decals, or sand to bare metal.

looks dope sometimes.

what frame is that pictured above?

Raleigh Rush Hour Pro

That Raleigh makes my stomach hurt.

Seriously, it would be one thing if they were still made, but fuck man, only one year. I still want one.

I thought it was one of those cheapy tsunami frames.


and shit

although they are all way better riders than i am - no comparison - and their bikes are way better than mine, the bios (and most of the bikes) on the macaframa site kinda bother me.

they did do a good job filming that stuff though. id watch it. (and cringe when dudes are hopping around on zipp discs)