removing STI levers?

how do I do that?

Picked up some 105 brifters for cheap and have no idea how to remove them from the bar I bought them on. They look like this


See that divot on the side? Where you can sneak an allen key under the hood?

papier mache over them

Have you tried pulling really really hard?

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k buttholes.


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hacksaw and jb weld


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best way is to dip the whole handlebar setup in acid
the brifters are unharmed, it just dissolves a bond created between them and the bar (it’s kind of like the foot of a slug)
i’ll sell you some discount shimano compatible solvent, PM me

i almost lol’d at the topic then i realized i had never removed or installed STIs so it might not be the same as normal aero brake levers then i didnt lol and was like… oh.

haha yeah but it’s kind of like one of those things you figure out after about 1 minute of looking at the lever
you kind of scout around looking for something to turn
then you peel back the hood and scout some more, find a hole
look at the hole, there’s a hex key slot
mission accomplished

though to be honest i don’t blame a dude for asking, often the hole is at like a weird inaccessible angle, and also STI levers are so complex it’s not hard to imagine you’re fucking something up by just taking out random bolts and shit