Replace axles?

I want to replace the solid axles on my formulas with hollow ones. Anybody know where I can get them?

No dice unless you get creative. Formula hubs use a solid axles with shoulders that the inner face of the bearing rests on. Any after market QR axles are going to lack the shoulders and not work. UNLESS… you could fine a piece of steel pipe that can slide over each axle but is about 2mm thick. If you are VERY careful you can cut the pipe to the EXACT same length as the distance between the two shoulders on each axle. Install one bearing, slide axle through, put spacer/pipe inside hubshell, install second bearing, install conenuts/locknuts… and you are golden. The trick is finding that piece of steel pipe that is the right dimensions. It would essentially function the same way the metal sleeve between the two bearings in a FSA bottombracket for their carbon external bearing cranks.

there are formula hubs with hollow axles out there…