Replacing Cup n' Cone Hub Races

Has anyone done it? Does anyone know anything about the tool you need? You know, the one that sorta expands and grabs 'em by the lip. Does every bike shop have one? I haven’t brought a bike to a shop in over eight years but I fear I just might have to on this one. Maybe the coop has one.

ps. Hub is a Dura Ace.

They’re replaceable???

Learn something new in bike mechanics every day.

Yeah hub bodies are Al, races are steel so it’s not one piece. Dunno if all are designed to be replaceable but some definitely are. I obviously have no input about which Montreal shop may have a tool. Do you have a new set of races to put in?

I don’t plan on putting new races in. Once the races are removed from the hub, I should be left with a hole that’s just the right size for a 6000 series bearing. But like… don’t tell too many people ok.

go to loose and search around you can find the tool for like 5 bucks or something. i don’t know how well it works though as i haven’t used it.

I cant find it, If you find it can you post a link, i’m interested. ... 0150517644

if that doesn’t work, look under tools, then item #9 on first page without clicking any subcategories.


Dude, if you do this, and it works, please give me a play by play with such as pictures to go by. I gots me some DAs that need the CPR.

Will do, Ass Masacre.

ps. Ass Macabre would have been better

ass massacre