Ride the Divide doc for Free

The Ride the Divide race documentary is available on youtube in its entirety right now for some sort of Livestrong promotion. I just watched it. Really good piece of filmmaking, stunning vistas, interesting insights on the emotional tolls of such a long, intense race. The movie definitely didn’t make me want to race the Divide, but it did make me want to get on the bike for some amazing adventure.



hell yes!

Cool, thanks.

Holy shit just watched it. Incredible.

Nice. Thanks for posting this.

hope it’s still up by the time i have time to watch it.

Watch fast!

“Only on YouTube for 2711 minutes. Removing October 2nd at 11:59 PM.”

i enjoyed the hell out of it.

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Loved it, but the music was awful.

Sonuvabitch! Was watching, just getting into it, then it stopped at 13 minutes. Thought it was just buffering or whatever but its time on youtube had expired. So it goes.

sooo awful, but exactly what i expected.