Riding glasses

I’ve been considering picking some up. It’s really annoying to be riding along and get a bug in your eye. I wore the shades i keep in my car for a little while last summer when i got pink eye but they weren’t ideal for riding. Do you guys use them? Anything decent out there that won’t cost to much?

I ride with these… fuck it, roadie sunglasses are so damn dorky. No problems with bugs in my eyes.
Oh, not in red of course…

yeah i hate “aero” style glasses. i think i just need more than $10 on glasses next time lol

I got those above for like $15… expensive shades are cool if they have polarized lenses but otherwise it just hurts a lot more when you lose them / drop them / damage them.

RIP Rudy Project Rydon

yeha i don’t want to spend more than $30

Don’t get glass lenses. Cheap safety glasses are actually ok for riding.

Blu-blockers ftw

$20 at Marshall’s. fuck yeah.


i use these with the orange/yellow lens’ and clear at night.

i used to just wear my rayban wayfarers and sometimes do in the summer, but ive found its better to just wear some inexpensive riding glasses. plus im not to bummed out if i scratch the lens, there replacible/cost $10.

i dont think its dorky… you’re wearing riding glasses while riding…

Welcome to hipsterdom.

i ride with these (they’re not rayban but i’m starting to like them better, they’re bigger)
i think they were ~$20 from urban
(friend bought for me)

i prefer riding with clear glasses, and not sun glasses, because i ride about half the time at night…
and sunset bugs go apeshit

[quote=Critical Jeff]Welcome to hipsterdom.

Bikesummer 08

Somebody left Raybans in my pedicab last night. I’m so pumped.

got these from whiskeymilitia.com for 70% off

haha i have some huge girl sunglasses from kohls i got for like 9 bucks, they keep shit out of my eyes and make me look like a retard. +1 Charisma

i also have prescription glasses in the wayfarer style shown above and those work, i don’t really wear them riding that often. i don’t really like wearing expensive glasses in case they fall off and get fucked up.

Waffles found some in a trash can

my regular glasses block out the wind/ rain/ insects pretty well

these guys + contacts in the summery months

haha those rule

stever I’m jealous. I used to have pretty much exactly the same glasses as you (the prescription ones), but I looked like a rapist when I wore them so I had to get new ones.