Riding in Fall

October’s fast approaching, does anybody else get all tarcky-eyed about the idea of riding while the leaves are changing.


I’ll soon be going on a 900k tour from Montreal QC to the eastern coast of New-Brunswick trought the hills of Maine. Five days of awesomeness.

You should take pics if it’s feasible

Fall is my favorite time to ride.

You should take pics if it’s feasible[/quote]

Mos def. I think I’m gonna go buy a map of ME right now.

I love mountain biking in the fall, not being able to see the dirt makes it much more interesting.

Our leaves don’t change around here. We do get overcast nights which can be beautiful in the city. But then again there isn’t all that much city. I’m gonna miss being able to show up to work in a t shirt and leave and still not need a jacket.

i love the fall, it’s my favorite season to do anything outdoors. i can ride across town comfortably in a sweater, i can skate for hours without breaking a sweat. some leaves are already starting to change around here. wish it wasn’t going to rain all effing day.

Fall is the best season for riding. Cyclocross anyone?

I always refer to Fall as “skateboarding weather” after an upstate NY summer it was always rad to be out in the cool of an evening.

hell yeah. i love the fall for so many reasons. walking around campus with the leaves falling and stuff. the changing of seasons always get me feeling all nostalgic and mushy. there are three days every year where it really hits you - that first day of fall when you realize the color change is at its height, the first big snowfall of winter, and that first warm spring day where you’re riding around in a tshirt on roads streaked with runoff from the melting snow. summer doesn’t get one of these days because it’s hot and humid and sucks.

i think i would get all biologically confused living in a place where it’s just warm all the time, start suffering from depression and have to go to therapy to deal with this vague feeling that time isn’t passing by and my life is going nowhere.

Los Angeles makes so much more sense to me now.

Call me a downer but I really like those cold winter days when the trees are bare and it’s dry out…

I love everything about it except wet leaves.

i like to think of them as obstacles. like oil slicks on some old nintendo racing game. makes it more fun.

Mario Tarck?

while there’s not much “fall” here, i still love the cooler weather and shorter days. the dead of winter is my favorite though.

hey blicks, care to do some graphic interpretations?

I’m with you there, man!
I love winter. I was born on the coldest day in the recorded history of chicago and I like to think that it’s colored my opinions of weather. I just love early winter mornings with a new blanket of clean snow when it’s all quiet and pensive. And then the day progresses and the snow turns to slush and riding around is like war. It’s amazing. I can’t wait!

Like that^