Riding in Tokyo

i just took my first short ride around Tokyo after getting my bike re-assembled. Riding on the other side of the road fucks with my head so much. I think I’m fine and then I go to make a turn and I forget where I need to go. Very disorienting but i can tell once I get used to it this is gonna be a great city to ride in. Also saw a bunch of tarck bikes for sale outside of some clothing store in Shinjuku. All of them are jackass thread-fodder but one is sort of a cool frame. i’ll try to go back and get some pics later. Anybody live here and want to go for a ride?

I live in Tama which is about an hour + west of the central Tokyo area :bear:

My first experience with city riding was in Tokyo, so I actually had a bit of difficulty coming back to the states and riding on the right.

Was the store in Shinjuku a hip-hop clothing store with a sheet-metal front? Like this?

edit: dh dropping the knowledge bomb

That pic is at Recon in Harajuku and they closed down. :slight_smile:

same thing.

What is the same thing?
The fact that its not in Shinjuku or the fact that its closed down and empty?