Riding untrue.

Little help needed.

After having just finished my first build a tiny Japanese lady hit me with her nissan and killed the fork and put the front wheel out of true. I went through her windscreen and luckily got away with just a few shards of glass up my arse.

Anyway, went back to England for summer and now back in Nippon. Went looking for a new fork and instead got a cheap Shimazaki road frame at Punch.

Need the bike for commuting and have no cash right now really to spare for retruing it in Tokyo (live about an hour away and the local LBS guy is an inbred who once chased me with a pannier).
My question is how bad for the rim is it to ride out of true? It’s a grancompe to deep v and I’d say its at most 8mm out (total guess). Will I get used to compensating for this and when it gets eventually fixed ride strangely?

8mm is a lot. I wouldn’t ride that if there was any other option. It would be pretty sketchy with a brake, so I’m assuming you don’t run one.

Cool to see someone else in Japan on tarckbike. Where are you? Getting a wheel trued doesn’t cost that much.

I’m in Kashima, Ibaraki. It’s quite the wasteland but lots of space for long rides.

Am running a brake and it sure is sketchy. I used to use it on downhills before I got used to high RPMs but now not so much.

Maybe it’s less then 8mm but it’s definitely noticeable on sharp turns (and visibly too).

I’ll email Kalavinka where it was made and see if they can do it same day. It just means I have to walk to work (about 8km) if it takes a little longer. Which is no fun in this heat.

Neither does the little wrench you need. If you’re just trying to get it close for now, you can do it w/o anymore tools than that

All you need is to get it trued; I don’t see why you have to take it to Tsukumo Cycle. Any little bike shop can take care of “furetori/フレ取り”.

My town is pretty bad for bike stuff. The only real bike shop mysteriously closed before I arrived 8 months ago and noone knows why it hasn’t opened. There’s a homac where they change tires and there’s the other LBS which still only deals with mamacharis (and the guy almost hit me when I asked him to blow up my tyres once). There was nowhere (I found anyway) which sold pumps for a presta valve.

I only said Tsukumo because I sort of know Akio (who built my wheels).

Do you live in Tokyo? Where would you recommend?
I also go to Tokyo most weekends to go out so I would do it there.

I have a small spoke wrench on my multitool so I guess I’ll try following Sheldon’s instructions for now.

be careful. if you don’t know how to true wheels, you can fuck it up more by attempting to true it.

tru dat

5mm at most is what i would feel safe riding

dude, i didn’t know shit about truing wheels till yesterday and tehn i trued 4 of them and they’re actually the straightest they’ve ever been.

sheldon’s way was easy.

why you living out in inaka? teacher or S.O.? :slight_smile:

the guys at the protek in naka-meguro are (or at least were) super nice and did decent work for me on the cheap. look for the chubby younger dude that works evenings (don’t know if it matters, but he doesn’t really speak any english… )

Teaching English in a junior high school.
What’s an S.O?

Yeah, I reckon I’m just going to take it in and risk being out of action for a week.

I of course mean Significant Other.

As you keep riding that untrue rim it will continue to go more and more out of true because there is stress on the side the rim. Get it trued now before you destroy your wheel and have to buy a new rim.

Fixed. Sort of. Had it done at my local hardware store and I reckon it’s still about 1mm out but it’ll do for now.

I of course mean Significant Other.[/quote]

If only. Asahi and hill climbs are all I have for company.