RIP Jure Robic

he was struck and killed by a car while training today.


Aw shit. RIP.

FUCK. that is depressing.


What in the fuck? Shit.

That’s fucking brutal. I was hoping to meet him some day :frowning:

Fuck man.

Saw that earlier, really a shame.

Fucking shit.




Seriously terribly news. Fucking cars.

never heard of him before today.

Weak shit. The guy was a monster. RIP.

he pwnd raam. :frowning:

drivers are such inattentive douches the world over.

this is bullshit.

rip dude

i hope yr shreddin the long distance gnar in the sky

Initial police reports state Robic, while descending a narrow mountain road in Plavski Rovt, collided head on in a curve with a car driven by a local 55-year-old man.

Hard to say what happened there…

This so totally sucks. I really respected and admired Jure - he was a first class badass. I think he was the father of some very young children, which makes this even more tragic.