Road bike reccomendationsss

So i want a geared road bike. I want it to be complete since I’ve never built a bike up before and don’t think a geared bike should be my start. I’ve looked around some but basically i just want to know what are some decent options. I’m not going to use it for commuting so it doesn’t need to be burly. $1000 tops, cheaper is always better. halp?

I like the looks of this one:

Although I’m skeptical of the crankset toss-up.

That’s a good bike no matter what crankset you get. If I was to get a geared bike it would be that one just cause its a good value and I like the looks of it too. Check Craigslist too for killer deals, as soon as the temperature outside gets to dropping people start selling their bikes.

Tarckicardia what is that tokyo drift action in your avatar from?

i can speak very highly of an early 90s trek 1500. except for the fact that it has an “ALUMINUM” graphic on the top tube, that always seemed kind of tacky.

go used. buy something for ~$300 off of craigslist or a local shop and thrash it. spend the good money on the next bike when you figure out what you like/dislike.

I have no clue where it’s from, I’ve had it in my computer for years now and use it as an avatar cause its hilarious.

I think it’s from a movie. Sorry for being so helpful.

There are so many road bikes that recommendations are almost useless. Ride a lot and get what you like the best and can afford.

Used bikes are a great value. Roadies love to “upgrade,” so take advantage of that.

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I bought an older trek 1000 with full ultegra and almost new ultegra/open pro wheels for 700 bucks shipped a bit ago.
Look for a deal like that on the ebay, spend the other 300 bucks on cycling clothes or whatever else you need, or save it for down the road repairs/upgrades.

I might go for a vintage Japanese lightweight with 600 or whatever. You can get one of those in awesome shape for $200-350, they’re rad bikes and they’ll definitely do you for commuting and general road riding.

If you really want to get into riding road and have $1000 to spend, get something new around $1000. If you’re not sure, got for something used thats cheap. You’ll be just as fast on either, but if your goal is to start doing group rides with people on more modern bikes and then doing centuries and faster rides, you’ll be happeir in the long run if you get something modern. The winter is sale season in the shops so it’s a good time to pick up a deal.

Giant TCR’s are nice and the geometry is well proven (though best if you prefer a longer top tube). When I got mine, I had several people tell me that they loved racing on theirs (even if they’d moved to other frames since then). They changed the line for 2009 and upped the prices, but you can probably still find one of the aluminum moseld in a shop that they’d give you a deal on.

Since chances are you’ll be riding farther on this than on your fixed gear, having the correct fit is much more important. It would be in your best interest to get the bike somewhere that you can test ride it and get it fit to you. So just look around at shops before you jump into the online thing.

^^ thanks very much. Before reading that i bid on that just because it was pretty cheap and looks decent, i however know nothing so it could be crap, is it worth pursuing? By the way TimArchy I’m not exactly sure what I want to do yet, but I’m pretty sure i don’t want to get into any group rides or racing too soon.

That Nishiki is a $10 yard-sale bike.


edit: i retracted my bid. hopefully they won’t disable my account, what ever though

yeah, i really hope you get outbid before that ends. you can get a more modern bike with much nicer components for that kind of money. if i were going used i’d look for something from the 90’s rather than something from the 70’s or 80’s.

i’m no expert, but while the frame seems decent there are a few things that would turn me away from that bike in particular - that crappy kind of seatpost, and the chain guard things on the big chainring and the rear gear cluster usually hint at lower quality componentry.