roadie freestyling.

someone go tell tricktrack. time to sell your 650’s and get a carbon steed.

This video has a real “christian-rock” feel to it.

I loved when everyone in the dope fixie trix scene wetted their pants over doing a backflip on a park bike with a fixed hub a few weeks ago, and some guy just does one on a road bike.

that music was horrible though. my goodness.

i watched it muted :bear:

That dude is my soul mate.


i cant get over the fact that hes using brifters in a skatepark. too awesome.

Music does suck, but the riding was great. It’s nice to be reminded that bicycles mostly all work more or less the same, despite strong marketing messages to the contrary. Just fucking ride the stupid thing already.

also proof that a good trials rider is good on any bike they put their leg over

holy shit backflip

Sram red brifters too, so like, they won’t even fold up if he wads it up!

FGFS is the new FGFS.

meh. he should just get a trials bike*. i mean, the riding was good, but the only spectacular thing about was that it was on a road bike. now i understand how so many people feel about fgfs vs. bmx.

*i know he is a trials rider and has one. just drawing another bmx/fgfs parallel

i don’t think you got the joke.

Actually, Ian is making a joke.

oh shit

is the joke on me?

Yeah. Also nice to tell the wussies who think they’re going to crack their carbon frame if they bunny-hop a speedbump to HTFU and ride. Or just get alloy.