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if you rock a 58 or larger, you should jump on this.

wtf… is that for real? only 58 and larger?

damn… they are all disappearing now.

i woulda gone for it, but i don’t need a bike that doesn’t fit, and seems you need to buy something else from them to get your order over 7 bucks.

it’s not working. They want you to spend 7 bucks and there’s nothing else to buy but wheelsets

couldn’t you buy a frameset for a buck and then get a set of wheels or something for full price? still a fantastic deal.

yeah, its crap… cus the page says you only have to cover shipping.

No I couldn’t. I’m poor as shit.

I tried calling but they’re closed sundays. . .

Holy cow their website is hard to use. It looks like you need a purchase thetr totals $7 to check out. But everything there is sold out except for wheelsets. Still an awesome deal but I can’t afford it.

Edit: Hurriedly typed redundant post is hurriedly typed and redundant :bear:

me too. damn’t!!! i sent an e-mail to him explaining the problem. ha

oh, i meant theoretically.

how about buy 7 framesets?

There are only three.

Oh and they don’t ship to Canada (my home country), and shipping to the UK (my current location) costs $483. Well maybe some us tarckists can get this deal.

i dont understand that site. its a fuggin mess. i call BS on this.

I submitted my order including the wheelset marking pay by phone as my FOP. I included the wheelset, but in the notes I wrote that I only want the frameset. I figure it’ll reserve it that way.

i doubt (hope) he wouldn’t sell 7 frames for 7 bucks. that’s basically giving away the ~1400 bucks someone’s going to make on ebay.

Let us know how that turns out peed!

i tried to order 4 62cm’s and 3 60cm’s but it wouldnt let me. fugg it.

Doubt I’ll hear anything 'til tomorrow. I’ll try calling then to “pay” since they’re closed now.

edit: 62’s now say outta stock. . .

i think everything is sold outotheriwse i would have paid for the wheelset to get the frame