rockhopper comp 29 or karate monkey 29

i am looking to get a new mountain bike. test rode the rockhopper this afternoon and really liked it. the guy at the bike shop offered me his used 07 karate monkey with better components for about $250 less than the specialized. i am going to ride it later. what would your choice be?

probably the km b/c it is steel (and ss goodness), and i’m guessing the rockhopper is aluminum. i happen to like skinny tubes. it is kinda shady the bike shop employee is undercutting a possible sale for the shop.

i know the guy fairly well and he just bought a stumpjumper 29 and is looking for some extra cash flow.

So he bought a Specialized? Go with Specialized.

Every single person at my last shop rode Specialized mtn bikes. One of em even sold his Ellsworth to get one.

km’s are really versatile ,you can put gears on em or run em ss.

I have the Rockhopper and I like it quite a bit.

I did testride a geared Karate Monkey and it was one of the coolest bikes I’ve ever ridden in my entire life.
If i was looking to spend more money I’d have gone with the KM in a second. It’s fucking badass!

i bought the specialized - gotta love new bike day. the km was a nice bike, but where i will be riding i need gears. hopefully buying the 29 won’t bite me in the ass.

shit…took it out yesterday on its maiden voyage and bent the shit out of the front wheel and my leg has some great road rash. going over the bars on a steep downhill is quite an experience. i am going to be mocked when i take the wheel in tomorrow to get fixed/replaced. fuck…

First time with disc brakes?