Romisen RC-N3 CREE Q5 LED Flashlight "Black"

"REVIEW OF THE Romisen RC-N3 CREE Q5 LED Flashlight

I’ll tell you what. For $27 bucks w/shipping. This thing is excellent. It blows away the Cateye HL-500 Opticube that I replaced it with. The Opticube running on Alkalines would last about 3-4 weeks before the beam got weak. On the Ray-O-Vac Hybrids that I switched to. It would last about 10 days or so. Which was OK by me, because they’re rechargeables. Good for about 1000 or so cycles. The Romisen on the Ray-O-Vacs lasts about 4 days before the beam gets weak. ( I have a 45 min. commute in the morning). And I’m satisfied with that. No big deal. Using rechargeable batteries, it seems you have an unlimited supply that beyond the initial costs, will cost you virtually nothing.
The flood on this thing is huge. And I can put the spot about 50-60 ft in front of me. Cars notice me, and it doesn’t get washed out in streetlights. Great bang for the buck! I use the used inner tube for a mount cause it works better that the thing I got from DealExtreme for $1.90. So I feel that I didn’t lose anything from that standpoint."

ur links borken

What are good rechargable bateries to get?
I feel like a monster throwing away bateries, but my only experiance with rechargables was in the mid 90s an the sucked so fucking bad that it wasn’t worth it, but I’m sure they’ve gotten way better. I want to invest, but I don’t want to blow a bunch of money on crap.
Help me out!

most are better than regular batteries now. from what i hear

I use AA NiMH batteries for my camera stuff, and fully charged they last longer than a brand new battery (non-rechargeable).

i foun the flashlight when i was researching some lights over on BF. all you need is a mount

Got any pics of it mounted?

heres a mount that can be used

or DIY option

fixed link to light ... -Q5/Detail

another way to mount


i think these may work better than the Blaze. plus it’s still a flash light

VO made some prototype Rene Herse-ish flashlight mounts for their front racks. They look good but afaik they havent gone into mass production. Someone who was handy could make a copy though. It looks like the trick is in getting the bend right so the flashlight can’t pop out when you go over a bump.

or velcrow

[quote=“antcave”]another way to mount

Yeah but thats not very fancy-frenchy!

OT and no one cares but I’m pretty sure my new lighting rig is going to be based off one of these: … b0s117p791 LEDs + rechargeables make a lot of sense though.

it’s not njs