Rusty lock

Left my krypto chain out in the rain for too long i guess and it’s hard as balls to get the key all the way in and then to actually get the U off. Is there an easy way to clean this? I almost want to try chain cleaner/grease.

a few drops of oil should do the job.

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you’re flattering yourself.

Oil works. Also, try some powdered graphite to lubricate it too.

There is special lock stuff.

where’s that guy from the ask a hardware store guy thread?

Go ahead and spend the $$$ if you want, but in my opinion, literally 3 or 4 drops of oil that you already own will do the job.

Periodically, I put a few squirts of Tri-Flow into all my locks. This should unseize the one you have now and prevent a lot of further rusting.

Oil or any wet lube in locks is a bad idea. It will attract dirt, which will make the lock freeze up again. A bike lock is especially vulnerable to this problem because they are out in the elements a lot. That’s why locksmiths use graphite. I seem to have gotten away with a teflon based lube so far but i quit using oil after killing a krypto u-lock.

That said, flushing your ulock with WD40 will probably help in getting it working again. It’s worked for me.

Not saying mander is wrong, but oil has always worked for me.