Rusty Piton’s Rusty Junk

Anything posted here is free for the cost of shipping or trade me some other crap.

Set of three cross top levers:

Shitty old sram hydros:

Ooh, stroker:

Three front hubs. The XT is new, the track hubs are quite used. The crappy anodized skewer is off a salsa vaya in I found the other one after I took the picture so imagine two orange skewers.

Bottom brackets and parts of bottom brackets:

Stems. I was never able to get The 3ttt or the cinelli to not slip but they sure are cool.

tell us about that sweet Zodiac

That’s my Astrographic.


Rudy, those stem faceplates appear to be for a thomson X2? If so I will take both.

And that X4 missing the faceplate. I need that too. I will text you.


The stem is a 2x as well.
The pink faceplate might be cracked. I didn’t look close but I have a vague memory. The silver one looks brand new.

fuck that thing is cooool

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Also those grippy gloves

I’ll take:

Track hubs
Square taper stuff

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They’re yours.

are any of those external bbs in usable condition, and for shimano road?

Is that a square taper campy BB that needs a funny scalloped wrench? If so I have the wrench and no need for it.

It is that one.
@quilbert420, there is a shimano bb that’ll work for road. Is in fine shape as far as I can tell.

Yes please!

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I lied! Well, I forgot I donated it to the co-op, sorry for getting your hopes up.

Well guess who has the tool to go with that bottom biscuit and no plans to ever run campy square taper ever again…

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Please can this be part of the vernacular?

can you pm me yr email? i’ll email off a shipping label this evening

It’s been part of my vernacular for years.