S&S Couplers

I was thinking of retrofitting a bike but then I though: which bike? My track bike was my initial idea but then I thought maybe I was limiting myself. Sure it’s the bike I’d want to bring on trips now, but what if I want to tour Europe in a few years? Gears and brakes sure would be nice then. I could convert my Gios road bike, but even it doesn’t have pannier eyelets, and I feel it’s a bit too nice to cut. Plus, repainting it would be kind of a hassle. I could put 'em on the do-all conversion, a 531 Lejeune, but it’s a little on the small side and not as nice as I would expect a frame with a 300$ coupler job to be.

What should I do? Should I go custom and get a new frame built? I have two friends who are frame builders and could do this for me for a reasonable amount. Should I get Marinoni to do it? He’s one of the greats and his shop is just an hour’s ride away. Very cheap also.

Do any of you have experience with these? I want to TRAVEL.

seems like you’ve got pretty good reasons why none of the bikes you already have would live up to the job, so i’d say go new + custom. support your friends and get something that can be exactly what you need it to be. that’s what i’d do in your shoes anyhow, good luck.


Man, I wish I could afford a Travelers Check.

Or, if the retrofitting work really only costs $300-400, you could get a Cross Check turned into a Travelers Check for about $200 less.

im kindof in the same boat and heres what ive decided.

track frame with s&s couplers, a derailleur hanger, braze ons for the old campy dt shifer bosses/cable routing, and internal brake housing with 125 spacing in the back so i can go either way.

got quoted at 1400 bucks for the thing and i cant justify it.

A Turismo with horizontal dropouts and the geometry tightened up just a hair would be damn nice. I’d go for the travellers check myself because i suspect itd be cheaper. But I’m cheap.