saddle squeak

lube it with girl puke.

run a tighter ship.

I have a saddle that does this. lube at the rail joints and seatpost clamp and bolts didn’t stop it totally, only quieted it some. with certain saddles I think it is just a fact of life- but try the lube.

i have the opposite problem. the seatpost on my tarckbike can’t change saddle angles. i just noticed that the 2 pieces have fused together (don’t know what they are called) making it impossible to change the angle. i banged on that shit with a huge wrench, but only dented the post.

I had to get rid of my Regal because I couldn’t handle the squeak, good luck!

Yeah, Regals squeak. My Ti railed Regal doesn’t squeak as much as my Steel railed Regal did, but that’s probably just because it’s newer. My commute is often loud enough that I don’t really notice it, and if I’m in quieter areas I’m generally spinning along at a more relaxed pace anyways.