saddle to bar drop

what are you guys running on your everyday bikes?
right now i am about 7 mm on my road bike.
my everyday bike is about 9.5 mm, which right now feels a bit much… or the back of my neck is a little soar after today’s 30 miles.

whoa, mm or cm?

i’ve got a stupid amount of drop which works really well for me even on long rides. that said, i spend 80% of my time on the hoods (closer to 99% when i’m on major roads) so the drop isn’t that severe

It’s about 3 inches on most of my bikes. I’ve found that the amount of saddle setback is a pretty big factor in how comfortable the drop is on my arms. Can’t speak for neck pain though. That has not been a problem for me.

yeah… thats cm

I have a pretty decent amount of drop, but its comfortable for me. Probably at least 4 inches, haven’t a way to measure right now. I also have drop bars, which i use mostly just for climbing, so from the seat to the drops is a pretty steep amount.

you should avoid using the droppy parts while climbing

I’m sure I win the biggest drop category.

Hey, Jacques is back.

I’ve got about 2 inches of drop to my hood position, and I find that to be quite comfy. I enjoy spending a decent amount of time in the drops, particularly when the wind picks up or I’m hauling ass. I used to hate it because I thought it hurt my wrists, but the ergo section on my drops is my new favorite bar position now that I’ve figured out it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable if I bend my elbows a bit more than I was originally doing.

the tarck bike isnt as droppy as i thought. my bikes are all about the same. about an inch or so drop

i don’t have much at all, but it’s comfy

Scrambler has a minimal amount of drop, maybe .5", Cross Check has ~2", Samson has about 3.5" with bullhorns

Cross Check and conversion have around 2 inches to the flats, and they both have pretty shallow drops. Mountain bike has a bit over 3 inches. I’m weird.

I think I have ~3-4 inches of drop, depending on which part of my bars I’m on, and how accurate my 5 seconds of measurement were. I like it.

I’ve got 4" (to the hoods) on my road bike when i’ve got my clipless on. Closer to 3.5" when I’m using clip and strap. Rides up to about 50mi are fine, but if I was doing a century, I’d have to raise it up. I’m on the hoods 99% of the time. I hate the bend of my drops. If I got better bars I’d probably raise them a bit and use the drops more.

i have about 4 inches to the hoods on my igleheart, i probably just need to work on my form.
tim, could you post your road bike again?

why is this?

Mine’s level. maybe an inch or so. my bmx bike, of course has severe bar to saddle drop.

as much drop as possible

Used to have a good 8-9 cm, now it’s down to 'bout 3-4 and I like it better on the longer rides and when I wanna see what’s around me better. Makes my drops much more useable, too.

[quote=lot_22]i have about 4 inches to the hoods on my igleheart, i probably just need to work on my form.
tim, could you post your road bike again?[/quote]

This is from a while ago. I need to take some newer, better pics. Maybe this weekend.