San Diego Custom Bicycle Show

anyone planning on going? i went last year and enjoyed it. it’s like a smaller nahbs, easier to talk to the builders, easier to take it all in.

I’ll be there- come say hello!

I’ll probably be gone from San Diego for good by then.

I live here, so yes?

Wasn’t really feeling it, but a little road trip may do me some good. I’ll probably just go on Saturday.

how many builders are in SD?

Any of ya’ll that are interested in getting down on some beers in SD on Friday or Saturday (4/8 or 4/09) should PM your numbers.

woooo, stoked for this.

i’ll be there Sat early for the swap and through the afternoon. carl, did you get a booth?

Nah, this is a par-tay weekend for me. I think I’m actually gonna drive down to Rosarito for Saturday night shenanigans/Sunday surfing.

show was smaller than i expected, way smaller than last year. NAHBS being the month before in sacramento next year will probably decimate this one so i’m glad i got to see it.

some good pix here:

dinucci, map, bruce gordon killed it. good to see brent steelman back in the game.

anyone meet stevil kinevil?

I got the flu. Missed the show :frowning: missed a few days of time being passed out with a fever. Blah!