School me on SPDs

I just bought an essentially pair of Sidi Bullets (will they stretch somewhat? they feel a bit small) for city riding/touring. I need SPD pedals to use with them.

I figure Crank Brothers is the way to go, but should I be looking at the bare-bones eggbeaters (the Eggbeaters C) or something with a platform like the candys or the quattros?

Or something else entirely?

I’m a big fan of Shimano pedals.

Why is that? They look more complicated than Crank Brothers, which makes me think they’re likely to not work as well as they accumulate gunk. But maybe they work better to begin with.

I’ve owned several pairs of used Shimanos - some 15+ years old. I keep expecting them to die and they never do.

I hate Eggbeaters. Shimano pedals give you a firm resistance before they disengage and then do so with a solid snap. With Eggbeaters on the other hand, you just twist your foot past a certain degree and it’s out. As someone who’s ridden Shimano and Look-type pedals for about ten years, this just doesn’t feel right. A lot of people like them though, so whatever it is you get, make sure you try 'em out first. Also I’ve heard a few stories concerning crank bro pedals breaking catastrophically.

Go shimano, adjustable release tension, they are tanks, and they dont really gum up or anything (i’ve yet to have problems with any of my sets) plus a really decent set can be had for 40 or 50 bucks new.

The Sidi’s are unlikely to stretch. Thats the best thing about Lorica. I love my dominators.

As for pedals, Shimano’s are nice. Replacement cleats are available EVERYWHERE. The only Crank Brothers pedals I’ve used were a pair of Quattros on a bike I was test riding for a customer. Solid snap when you clicked in.

I’ve been riding a take-off pair of time ATAC’s for three years now and they’re awesome (cheapest version they make, not even available aftermarket). When I get new pedals, I’m going to get a nicer set of ATAC’s. But that will probably be a while off yet. Even though they are heavy, I like the aluminum body because it takes a ton of abuse. All the outside edges are rounded off from various pedal strikes and crashes. I can’t imagine the composite versions holding up to this abuse.

I have heard complaints about both the eggbeaters and shimano’s. On both, there is the possibility of pulling straight out when skipping or backpedaling. The shimanos more than the eggs.

I’ve never used Eggbeaters but have used Shimano and they are nice. I would only worry about gunk accumulation if you’re riding in mud and stuff.*


ive got a free set of SPD pedals (SPD-M515, pretty sure they are cheap ones) and cleats - should i buy shoes for them? i ride with a brake and thus dont skid for much more than fun, and i was wondering if i should really drop the dough. i almost always ride with a bag that isnt super stuffed so im not sure i would mind riding with extra shoes. the only problem i have is affording decent shoes - the only ones ive seen in my price range are those northwave ones on chainlove, but i have no idea how good those are.

edit: i fucking hate myself for spelling brake the other way

Hm. So no consensus. I had looked at Time ATACs before. Everyone who uses them seems to love them. I guess my only concern would be making sure the cleats fit my shoes.

Also, that sucks about the sidis. I have yet to use them for a long ride, but I think I may have just wasted my money. Balls.

Listen to this man. His words are gospel.
Shimano all the way for me. Yes Eggbeaters work better in very muddy circumstances so if this is for an MTB that gets used a lot in mud, consider going CB.

(BTW you’re looking for clipless pedals, MTB style clipless pedals to be precise. SPD is the name of Shimano’s design so Eggbeaters are not SPD)

I know I want clipless MTB style pedals. I didn’t know that SPD was Shimano only – I had thought it was the cleat design (and that eggbeaters work with those cleats). Learn something new, eh?

If I go with Shimano do you guys have specific recommendations? I’m not looking for a $150, but I don’t need budget pedals either.

Why are Dominators and ATACs preferable to Sidi’s and Time’s road shoes/pedals?

Mountain shoes let you walk somewhat normally, because the clip-in cleat is recessed am among ‘soccer-type’ cleats, giving you a normal shoe-like flat (but hard) surface.

Road shoes, the cleat is bigger and not recessed, making you walk around on your heels if you spend any time off the bike walking.

That’s what I assumed. Thanks!

Switched from SPDs to Time ATACS at the beginning of the summer and kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

Why’s that?

I just like them a lot more. Less hot spots on longer rides, feels more solid clipping in and out, everyone else is doing it.

Got em. Love em. Look up some reviews. Almost positive the Revenge’s soul/heel cup is identical to the Aerators Boonen rides, including 3 velcro straps (he says the ratchet is too heavy.) The tops are less breathable than the Aerator, but winter’s coming.

I’ve have a pair of these that I paid 42$ for.

So far they’ve held up to two years of Montreal messengin’ (five month winters!) without requiring any maintenance, and I expect them to last for at least as long still. My cleat are pretty worn though and I can sometimes unclip by pulling straight up so I don’t use them on my brakeless fixie but I’m pretty sure that could be solved with new cleats.