Scrambler feedback

so its been a bit since both of the group buys, and I am still debating whether or not I should pick one up. I want to build it up as a beater/daily commuter w/ fenders

how are everyone’s holding up? thoughts and comments?

I have Nate’s old G1 scrambler and love it as my daily beater bike.

i’ve been loving mine as a beater. fun to ride and not give a crap about.

good luck with front fenders, theres not much clearance on the fork.

the included headset completely sucks balls.

sold my ver1.0 after a month…but only cause it was butt ugly.
other than that, it wasn’t a bad bike.


everything has lasted very nicely so far, use it to ride to campus, not so worried about it getting stolen

obviously doesn’t match up to cane creek headsets but it still works


I replaced it with an FSA, HS.

Other then that, I use it as a polo/beater/sometimes daily ride. Depends on my mood. I like it, for the money

I sold the headset, seatpost, and clamp. Faced and chased, framesavered, installed Cane Creek S-3, Salsa clamp, white Sette stem and seatpost, and didn’t afraid of anything. The frame is built for polo and/or freestyle, so it is heavy. I wanted a beefy frame for my commuter bike because I didn’t want it to get all bent up from the inevitable minor accidents. Real fenders are out of the question, so you’ll either have to be happy with clip-ons or, like me, have an additional fully-fendered bike for bad weather commuting. The angles are very steep, like 75 degrees, and the BB drop is 55mm, so it rides like a track bike. But for some reason it’s a very smooth ride. Maybe it’s all that extra steel in the fork, but this bike soaks up more road vibration than my IRO Angus. Overall, it’s a hell of a deal, enjoyable ride, and makes a great go-to bike.

I’ve since installed silver MKS New AR-2s, Soma chrome double gate clips, and white Christophe straps. So now it looks that much better.

that bike definitely doesn’t afraid of anything.

Good bike for the price.

1/8 dudes are awesome friendly and helpful.

I’d buy one with confidence.