SE Single Speeds, wtf?

I saw one of these the other day, the cog looked like it was made out of recycled beer cans, what a piece of shit.

whats your take on these things, have any of you ridden them?


SE makes shitty bikes!
Film at eleven.

they try way too hard with the color/paint

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]SE makes shitty bikes!
Film at eleven.[/quote]

Noe Wai!!!1

im much more devastated about the PK Ripper track bike. thats just fucking wrong

a pk ripper track bike with a level top tube and that head tube gusset and maybe a slight tire cut out in the seat tube would rule. the 29’r pk ripper is bogus.

I’ve got one and it’s pretty terrible. It probably weighs close to 30lbs.

you gotta think of the principle of the thing. yeah loop tail’s are dope as shit, but this is the mother fucking pk ripper we’re talking about. the most widely know classic BMX frame/rider and SE took that and turned it in to another fashion accessory track bike. not to mention that it is some kinda collab with DC shoes and has DC etchings

Yeah, that thing kind of sucks horribly.

Where’s the track ripper? Edit: found it.

Why would they make it Aluminum? With Alu fork?!

Did you not think SE would cash in on all of this? I’m surprised the PK Fixed Ripper Track Thing didn’t come out last season.

If you are considering getting an SE bike, might I suggest a Dawes. They are far superior in every respect.

‘PK’ stands for penis kick (a variation on dick punch) and ‘Ripper’ refers to the fact that the headtube is made from a one of those neon plastic bongs from the '90s.


26.4 lbs for the SE according to their website. You really have to work overtime to make a single speed bike that heavy.

And they’re willing to put in that overtime… for the good of all.

fuck it. i’m stoked on a fixed ripper. lose the shitty landing gear fork on principle (didn’t that shit take out bmx riders left and right in the early 90s?), throw something carbon on and make the frame decently light and i’m all over it.

[quote=“snarcky varcking”]Where’s the track ripper? Edit: found it.

Why would they make it Aluminum? With Alu fork?![/quote]

Why would it be anything but aluminum? The PK Ripper was one of the first aluminum BMX bikes.

I would totally fucking buy one of those if I had the $$$ and it were about 5lbs lighter.

I guess you’re right. I thought cuz a BMX company was making a tarck bike, it would be for tricks. I would not want to thrash an aluminum fork.

Perry Kramer

and i gotta say im surprised by the love its getting. if i was kramer i wouldnt want my name on that