search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

Looking for:
Shimano 8 speed trigger shifter
Mountain ish 8s cassette
Porteur/cafe bars
Front rack a la origin8 thing

26” rim brake rear wheel w/cassette hub if you’re PNW local. Or a set if you’ve got em.
Also 26” fenders

Casually looking for 26” rigid rim brake mtb frameset in xl size. Looking for something like early 90’s trek, spesh or kona, not a super slack 80s thang


have a sweet old sugino 110/74bcd 175mm square taper crank? Will pay extra $$$ for triples that require a spacer for the 74bcd chainring

Also if you have a 94bcd square taper that runs a reasonable chain line as a double, I would be in your debt for 94 billion years

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I have some if not all of this stuff in the garage, I’ll take a look later tonight.

Still looking, prefer black and some kind of OEM takeoff stuff. But I’ll take literally anything if it’s cheap.

I might have what you’re looking for

OK, so I have a set of plastic sks fenders. The wheel is kinda junky and not worth shipping, the bars are trimmed too short, and even though I know I have like 2 or 3 8s shifters I can’t find any. The ‘cassettes’ I have are just a box of cogs and spacers.

If you’re interested in a set of used plastic fenders and a box of random cogs/spacers I unfortunately have what you need.

While I greatly appreciate the effort, my suspicion is that shipping won’t really be worth it for the fenders lol. :heart: U tho

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Let me check actually, this is oddly something I might have kept around for no reason

Takagi Tourney XT. Forged, 175 arms, little ring is on spacers.

XT M730 at local used parts place. $25. 175mm arms, small ring on spacers. With center caps!

In the past I would have purchased these just on principle, but trying to be more judicious.

8s trigger shifter (Offa Sundeal, near new). $10

XT M737 8s cassette, 11-28 $10

Specialized Pizzeria Rack, used. Meant for fork crown+lowrider boss mounting. $50

I have stainless 26" Velo Orange fenders, never mounted. $30

Also Aluminum matte black Electra 26" Townie fender set, never mounted. Will fit over a 2.25 smooth tire, fatter is pushing it. $30

Edit: and I could probably pick up a 26" rim cassette rear wheel from the local used place if you want to give me a budget.

What’s your location? Shipping from Bend is around $20-$25 for a full 29er wheelset to the PNW.

I need those shimanos BAD

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Looking for a single non-indexed and non-ratchet bar end shifter, like an old Campy or Simplex, but not at collectible prices… Just want something for the dropper post before I 3D print a new lever for my Suntours.

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Goddamnit Fred I wish I had popped into this thread before I bought Charlie that Hotrock

95% sure I have this, I’m outta town so message me if u don’t hear back by Monday night.

Thanks man, though I already have something in the 3d printer. We’ll see how it works!!

Screenshot at 2020-07-04 21-44-23

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Should be good to go without dipping into anyone’s vintage hoard.



Looking for a 1” threadless headset and spacers if there is one weighing down your parts bin. Silver preferred.