search the hoard: new wanted/looking for thread

those actually sound good, as do the 600mm crunch bars that @himbo offered up to me but now people are playing bike polo near where i live so i think im gonna put some dumb risers on what was going to be my fixed gear road bike. so tired of bikes.


I look at the to-dither list of some of my bikes and think, “why don’t I just get rid of that bike instead?” Feeling pretty dithered out right now.


does anyone have a mountain biking is too scary sticker or two lying around?


It’s my time to shine.


people with extra old laptops kicking around, hit me up with what you got?

Anyone have an extra front dynamo light

this also sounds good to me.

Wtb dub crankset in 172or170 lengthway

Looking for an ELEMNT Bolt or similar. Mine keeps getting stuck in a boot loop. Any time it does I have to wait for it to completely run out of juice, recharge it, and go from there. Seems to be getting worse.

Looking for Tektro 520 v brake drop bar levers

Also looking for flared bars similar to cowchipper or woodchipper in 50ish sizeway

Also looking for longish 31.8 stems - 120ish in cheap flavor

i may have number one and number three. if i don’t respond tonight, @ me and i’ll keep looking

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You should contact their support. They’re pretty good about replacements/fixes when this happens

I also may have some of those v brake levers. I’ll look.

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Alloy or carbon cowbell in 46???

Cowbell may not be flared enough for me in this usage, which is piloting a tandem down loose steep washboard

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tandems always seemed to me like a very good case for jones bars. but that might be due to my dad rocking these forever on the tandem we rode and raced (it was usually local thursday night mtb worlds so we usually came in first and last in our category)



What firmware are you on?

I assume the latest? It updates from time to time.

DQ, but have you tried a full factory reset then update to latest firmware? I’ve see this solve some weird issues with similar devices.

Just had to reset sup’s garmin because it wouldn’t turn on at all. First step was getting it to turn on, but then it only got stuck on Garmin screen. A bit of faffing about with different restart options, plugging in pressing X+Y or whathaveyou and it booted up fine. Not to deal with her hrm that seems to kill a battery every other month. I swear the last replacement was actually legit one, too.