seattle buy this or i will be upset

Yeah, for real, Seattle. Buy that shit.

Wow. Too big for me. Wow.

Holy shit. Seattle is only 3 hours of driving from here…

That’s really not a GREAT deal, considering the age of the components. It’s not a bad price, don’t get me wrong, but not really something to shit bricks over.

No, but nobody’s going to buy it at that price and it will be re-listed at $350. Then jump on that shit. Older mountain bikes are seriously undervalued on the used market, I guess because the technology is moving forward so fast that bikes even two or three years old already seem outdated to those who don’t know.

If that goes for $350, bricks can rightfully be shat!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

i wouldn’t be surprised if the main lodging house at tarckcommune was constructed entirely of shat bricks.

i was gonna say something like this. lowball/wait a week and do the ~350 thing.