Seattle MTB Crew

Duthie Hill tomorrow, figure 11 AMish. PM me for my cell number if you want to show up.

Tiger Mtn or something similar on the AM of the 4th, assuming my foot is better and replacement parts for my shoe can be had.

I might be down for riding on the 4th. Let’s discuss@ brunch :bear:

Rode tiger this morning. Sloppy, sloppy mess as was to be expected. The trails there have pretty terrible drainage and hold water like a creek. Didn’t want to bail for a second day in a row so we said fuck it and chose some bad trail karma. Cleaned up some garbage in the woods including a mylar balloon, so hopefully that starts to balance out the karma.

I think if the weather is nice like it’s mostly supposed to be from now til the 4th you’ll be golden. Couple of wet spots, but the majority should dry out.

Looks like I’m going camping Tuesday night, so I probably won’t be back in time for riding Wednesday morning.

Why didn’t you come out yesterday? Jerk.

I’d like to come out with y’all on the 4th or one of these other days, my schedule’s pretty wide open as long as I can meet up to hitch a ride out of town

The plan is to do Tiger Mtn. I’m guessing Jonnie or Tarckee should be able to bring you and your bike out.

GF ended up having a free Saturday unexpectedly. First Saturday she didn’t have to work in many months, so we did spur of the moment road trip to the Washington coast. It trumped Duthie.

Yeah. If I’m driving I can give Fred and bike a lift as long as the fork is not in thru axleway.

If we do Tiger I’m gonna be slow coz shitty mountain biker with rigid fork. Josh can vouch for this.

Is this ride cross bike-able? or not so much? I probably need tires, but might not be a problem to make that happen. However, the ride would intrude on the time I need to get my outdoor space ready for a tarckbecue —mini or otherwise. Also Have truck and could move 4 people and bikes

[quote=tarckeemoon]Yeah. If I’m driving I can give Fred and bike a lift as long as the fork is not in thru axleway.

If we do Tiger I’m gonna be slow coz shitty mountain biker with rigid fork. Josh can vouch for this.[/quote]

have fork axle adapterway

I’ll probably descend kinda shitty, just been in that way recently

I’ll probably crash, just been in that way recently.

I can drive whoever on the 4th and I have uprights in my truck bed so you can bring the moonlander if you fancy. Tiger is not cross friendly.

I will second the non-cross friendliness of Tiger. It definitely required some careful line picking with a rigid fork and 2.1 tires. I’m up for it again, but I wouldn’t mind something a little mellower either. If this is Nate’s one chance to ride it we should do it.

Jimmy - I may be hitting you up for some tires.

Anybody have a loaner bike for balonya?

Jon - If you’re picking up Nate in the U-Dist I could ride over and meet you there. I can still drive and take one more if there are enough interested people.

I think Nate is going to be staying in Redmond so he’ll probably meet us out there or we could get him on the way. I live in the CD if you want to meet at my house. More importantly, I’ve got a 2.4 Ardent with your name on it if you want to take some of the fuck out of tiger. I’ve got a various assortment of 29er tires in fact if anybody wants to play dress up.

One other option is East Tokul for July 4th, anyone know their way around well enough to be a guide?

Not sure if “East Tokul”= Tokul though.

Not sure if “East Tokul”= Tokul though.[/quote]

Same from what I understand. I’m also told that first time offenders just get a warning and the rangers take your name down in case you come back without a pass.

According to the calculations from my armchair, East looks more gnary

Day Pass for ind: $8

Day Pass for Famiry: $16

me + no bike = no ride
Just as a feeler who from the ride might come by for post ride cookout, if no takers thats cool too. I kind of want to get an idea of how much I should plan to get done on my many projects ---- Or how much if any prep I will need to do.
OK back to bikes — I now officially feel the need for a MT bike (don’t tell Ms.B)