Serious Question: What do i do??

Here’s the dilemma. i want to know what you all think.
I am going off to college in a few weeks, and i’m only allowed to bring one bike, and i’m not sure if i should convert the peugot or keep the fixed gear i have now, and keep the peugot a roadie.
I have a windsor hour right now, and ride that thing daily, and it does me very well.

So over teh weekend i inherited a gorgeous condition old Peugot. I was told from my grandpa he got it in the 60’s. It has been in an attic up in tahoe for the last 15 years. It is in decent condition.

here’s the peugot

i love the wing nuts on it

if i convert the peugot, it’d be a pretty lame conversion, because of the budget i’m on, then i’d try and sell the rest of the hour off, not like the frame or components have any bit of a re-sale value…
i’d love to rock an awesome fixed gear converted peugot over the hour i’m riding. but then i’m not sure if i could really live with myself if i convert such an awesome road bike.

that bike does not look particularly awesome, honestly. in my opinion you should just sell off the peugot because french bikes are a serious hassle to find parts for.

That shit is french and converting french shit is a pain in the dick.
Keep it how it is.

That Peugeot is rad. Converting it would be cool. It’s cool as is but has those heavy as shit steel rims. I think it would make a great townie conversion. I dunno. Leave it as is and take the Hour?

Haha look at that tarck bar tape. I didn’t even notice that.

If it was your grandfather’s don’t mess with it. It’s not that great a bike, but keeping it intact would be better.

so it’d be better off to take the hour to school, and leave this bike as is, and not convert it?

yeah but then sell the hour and buy a different and better bike

nah im kidding bring the hour

i wouldn’t be opposed to this at all, other than i might care when my bike gets stolen

Use a proper U Lock, don’t lock like an idiot and park next to people who don’t lock properly or use a cable.

In my opinion, the reason bikes get stolen so often on campuses is because the people locking them up are idiots when it comes to bikes and ignore these basic things.

wrapping bars like that ain’t tarck.

wrapping bars like that ain’t tarck.[/quote]

i think it is how the bike was sold, not sure though…

it might be because it is white? and still shows chrome dono?

yes you did.

OK jesus. I did. Also I suppose the opposite(tops wrapped, drops unwrapped) would be more tarck by definition. God. :colbert:

ps don’t mess with it and take the Hour to school.

that peugeot is junk.

still keep it around unchanged for sentimental’s sake. nothing wrong with crusin on it on sundays on the biekpath

I say take the peugeot to college, and leave it as is.
I’m worried about taking some of my bikes to school and that’s why I’m about to paint my shitty 80’s schwinn world, flourescent pink and put on the wheels that came stock with my kilo, can you say budget bike.

That Peugeot looks mostly complete. Unless it’s a rust bucket, you should keep it and give it a full rebuild with fresh grease, framesaver, polish, car wax, cables, bar tape, chain, etc. It should take about a week if you do it right. It’s not the highest quality bike, but it will have a nice feel on the road and look pretty sharp in its complete vintage glory.

The Windsor Hour will suit you better as an all-around fun fixed commuter lock-up bike.

Keep the Puegeot complete. Clean it up and ride it to the Quick Check, or wherever it is you cool kids hang out these days. Take the hour to school. And if you leave ANY of your bikes locked outside over night on campus, you deserve a punch in the dick.

the racks outside dorms are for wal-mart bikes and non-grandpa Puegeots only. Whatever doesn’t get stolen becomes a mass of rust so quick you’ll wish it had been stolen because then at least there’s a chance that someone else is taking better care of it than you did.