actually getting to wear out brake pads


someone on an internet bike nerd forum commenting “man that bike would be great but the v-brakes ruin my day”




Best thread ever


I had actually forgotten about this. When I moved to SF I still had cantis on my cross bike. That’s a big fat nope out here.





[quote=kmcdon]Yeah, it’s a 52.

TBH I’m not even sure what the small ring is, but I have a 36t cassette and it works pretty decent going up the canyons with a load.[/quote]

I think I have weak knees


i do love the feeling of descending on a bike with weak brakes and wondering whether my hands will survive to the bottom of the hill.


Indeed. I recently hit a bunch of this:

on this:

'twas the best tingling of my fingers.


That looks like what I remember wissahickon trails in PA being like.


I’ve been feeling a vague urge to put Jones bars on my H/G. Should I do it?




no sir, you need



Those parallel-pull brake levers tho


i’ve been wanting to see these in action
do it


Never seen one of those. Looks like it might be a good concept… Why didn’t they catch on?


I’ve got the Ultegra 6750 50/34 but that’s too high of a chainring for me. What do I get for 46/30 or similar? Any reasonably priced rings? Wasn’t there an absoluteBlack taiwan knockoff someone found?


What about a 46 to replace the 50? Do you really need to drop the small ring down a size as well?