Shimano Freehub ID Please

Can anyone tell by looking whether the freehub on this hubset is 9 or 10 speed? The seller says it’s 10 but I think he might be clueless. Either way, I’m definitely clueless.

If I were you I would

  1. Look up if there is a difference. Sometimes they just shrink everything and make it fit on the same freehub body.
  2. Look up what the 9speed and 10speed ultegra hubs look like. The design may be different.

if the model number is 6500 it’s 9 speed, if it’s 6600 it’s ten speed. but that’s just the model series it’ll take both 9 and 10.

I think it’s 10 speed. Pretty sure 9 speed Ultegra was the skinny-bodied hub.

But like ^^ said, the freehub body will take 8, 9, 10 speed cassettes.

Cool that’s great to know as I’m actually thinking of downgrading my crosscheck to 8 speed. Thanks for the advice all.

The 10-speed specific hub has a different spline, I think. The aluminum DA freehubs had deeper splines. I think there is an Ultegra variation with the aluminum freehub, as well. As long as the freehub is steel, it should be fine (same spacing, as others have mentioned).

See the expert

So like barba said, it’s fine so long as it’s steel. Aside from splines, the width would be your other concern, and the ones you’re looking at are all for 130mm spacing.

Got em! I went into an ebay madness and paid $80 for the pair. : ( Oh well, my new wheelset is officially under way. Thanks again for the advice all.