Shimano S-phyre RC902 road shoes size 43

I really wanted to like these shoes. They’re wonderfully light and stiff. I got a great deal on them, but the fit just isn’t right for my feet. I’ve worn these shoes 4 times for maybe a total of 100 miles. I had different insoles in them, so the stock insoles are pristine. There’s a mysterious scuff on the outside of one heel.

Retail is $430, they’re selling for $322 online these days. Asking $200 shipped?

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i have been having some toe numbness with the sphyre MTB shoes (in a 43) for a few months and thinking hard about going to a road shoe. but i do like to be able to walk around and take the bike anywhere! i don’t know what to do!

I’ve switched back to mostly road shoes since I got a power meter this spring. The weight, breathability, and stiffness are nice compared to MTB shoes. It’s been fine except for one ride on a posted road in Maine during mud season when I filled my cleats with mud (not these shoes).

Also, swapping pedals is quick and easy, so if I know hike-a-bike is in the cards for that day, I’ll switch.

In conclusion, you know you want these shoes. Unless it’s the Sphyre shape that’s making your toes fall asleep. Then, by saddle analogy, you want shoes with a cut-out.


Hoisted on my own petard!

Now REI is sending me marketing emails for SPD sandals.

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i still might want these shoes but i am still undecided cuz cheap bastard and have a hard fixing things that aint broke
i’m surprised you all still let me come here to this dither community

These are still taking up space on my shoe rack. @BEEutiful_Wednesday, do you want them? Anyone else?

i’m out, just no need for a road shoe

I too have been riding MTB shoes but considering switching to SPD-SL. My power pedals need new bodies if I do that ($250 for the garmin ones…but I digress) so I started looking into better/stiffer MTB shoes and not sure if that’s a good way to go? XXX Bontrager are $400+ stateside and under $300 overseas so maybe?

anyways awesome shoes, look a bit small though EU43 is maybe my size, but the size chart conversion on the shoe there says US 8.9? seems small… what size sneakers do you wear @earwig ?

I typically wear a 9 or 9.5 running shoe. The Shimanos feel both a bit long and also too deep/high volume for my pancake feet.

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