Shimano steps up to 11 speed Alfine

Don’t know if you guys have seen this. I am really all chin scratchy about it

lighter than the 8speed… wonder how much it’ll be.

i haven’t really paid attention to these too much, but can you use IGH with double or triple cranks?

thats pretty coo


Dang. That is awesome. I would seriously consider building up an Orange One with that for a badass everyday/townie/portuer.

Better article.


this is a big improvement!
that makes the igh much more practical

Do want a 29er built with this. On One Inbred perhaps. Maybe a Karate Monkey.

My world has been rocked. They improved everything about the hub (c’mon, Jtek, give us bar ends).

Must think of a build for this hub, instead of ditching the drive train I just built for my tourer.

Rohloff is probably not so happy today.

Yeah, this is neat. Stepdaddy just built up a bike with a rohloff 14spd, he’s like my model for what I’ll be doing bike-wise when I’m 72.

My head, get out of it.

Yea, I’ve been wanting to build an IGH orange one after seeing viking’s bike

Anton that works there has a pretty dope blue Orange One too.

DQ: There isn’t a brifter-like option for IGH hubs is there?

Anyone notice the price?

Yes there is… Merry Sales started supplying an eight speed brifter set(they both match but obviously one of them don’t do no brifting) for the alfine 8. I assume they will now make/stock whatever an eleven. This kind of blows my mind. The eight is actually really awesome if you’ve ever gotten to play with it…I was going to put one on my wife’s new bike(doesn’t exist yet is all theory currently), now I have even more choices.
In the article they asked why still call it alfine…as though it was a bad thing that shimano is continuing to put effort into a commuter group. I am glad they did.

wasn’t crazy about the price

yeah, rj, there’s a brifter. Versa VRS-8, it’s not cheap

also, blushing@muzzy

“somewhere between £300 and £400, so let’s split the difference and say £350.”
I also noticed that the COST on a rohloff 14spd is 900 dollars. Fucking stepdad. His new hub costs more than 2 of my bikes :colbert:

[quote=Cy Trivialities]lighter than the 8speed… wonder how much it’ll be.

i haven’t really paid attention to these too much, but can you use IGH with double or triple cranks?[/quote]

i guess you could, if you strapped a derallier to the hanger and zeroed it out so it was just a tensioner that changed tension when you shifted in the front, but that’d be WAY… DUMB…

man i didnt even think of the extra chain slack Lol. yea that would definitely be retarded.

Hammerschmidt X Alfine

About $550 in US Dollars and I’ve never seen a Rohloff under a grand. Still, $550, man.

You can run a chain tensioner with a double up front. You can even run a multi-speed freewheel, which gives you more gear combinations than math can actually calculate.