Short People & The Great Sizing Struggle

At 5’ 4", the only people I tower over are 6 year-olds.

It’s hard finding frames to fit the vertically challenged such as myself but luckily I barely cut it to fit a decent 50cm. As a matter of fact, today I’ll be semi-done (minus a nicer wheelset) building a 50cm Kilo TT. I’m nervous as all hell that I’m going to be slamming the saddle. Something I definitely do not want to do.

Anyone have any decently priced sources for smaller frames they’d like to share?

Also, any other short Kilo TT 50cm users out there?

I’m 5’6 but i dated a girl 5’4 who had a 50cm mercier. she was still showing a few inches of post, you should be fine.

as for smaller frames, the bare or brass knuckle come pretty small, and then there’s always that 43cm fuji track.

short people

I have the opposite problem. 6’4" and all torso. That makes short TT and long ST track bikes hard to fit.

^heh. Me too, plus a 6’8" wingspan.

Sounds like Nicholas and I have the oposate problem. I’m 6’1" and all leg. shorty stem for me plz!

I’m 5’5" with an inseam just under 30 in and I got about 3 fingers of seatpost showing on my 50. This is with 170mm cranks too

The Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta track comes in 43 & 46. :colbert:

i’m 5’6 and ride a 51cm

Guh, I have a feeling mine will be worse than that.

yeah my g/f has a bareknuckle in a 48 but they are fairly pricey now. my friend lulu has a 46 or 48 iro but i think it was special ordered.

I’m 5’4" and racing on 52cm track bike, and a 51cm road bike. I never considered myself particularly long-legged, but I apparently must be, judging from the posts around here. I also fit quite nicely on a 50cm IRO group buy frame, as well as a friend’s old Flite 100 (Kilo TT by another name).

Quit judging fit by outdated things like standover and seatpost height and you’ll probably find lots of frames that fit nicely.

bonechilling: never shutting the fuck up about standover

hmm im 5’5" have a 50cm iro. my balls are on the TT but i have more than a fist of seatpost exposed.

fuck yeah for being average

It’s true about the stand over though. When I first got into bikes a few years ago, I bought a 49cm Volpe(I’m 5’9"-ish) because my previous bike was an old Univega that was far too large. I was paranoid about stand over. Well after a year of riding it, I had to admit it was too small and I sold it. I miss that bike dearly and now know that a 53cm is the right fit. Even if my balls touch some. The reach is key, the key I tell you. Top tube top tube top tube.

I love being average height.

And I love you for being average height.

I feel the love.

None love.