Shorts or Bib

Need a pair of cycling shorts. Interested what you all do. Bib shorts or regular cycling shorts?

they both have their place.
bibs & t-shirts are kind-of weird… so, yeah.
but bibs with jerseys are great.

i just designed a jersey/bib for team aerospace… and they told me they want me to do one as a uni… i know nothing of the comforts or discomforts of them, but it makes designing way more interesting.

I prefer shorts. bibs get hot and make me suck in my stomach for some reason. Plus more material to rub and more seams to irritate.

Only when I’m drunk

Bibs! Shorts sometimes hang on the front of the seat when going from stand to sit.

Bibs are more comfortable, but more of a hassle if you have to, say, piss by the side of the road.

Oh, and bibs are better in colder weather. There’s never a gap in the back between them and your jersey.

bib w/ shirtless ftw

Bibs for “serious” cycling because they are more comfortable. But shorts are adequate for everything else. Bibs are a big PITA to pee.
I voted for shorts…bibs are nice, but shorts are more versatile.


i rock shorts bibs are a pain

I actually am much more comfortable in a pair of jeans than cycling shorts, true story. But voted shorts cause I don’t actually own any bibs.

I voted shorts because I can’t afford bibs, but I want some.

Bibs all the way. Much more pro.

bibs are weird.

Bibs are way sexier.

there is really no question. bibs are so far superior to shorts in terms of comfort.

SKINSUITS are the Tarkest!!!

Bibs are a close second! If you are a Fat Ass at all the waist band on shorts will KILL YOU! I know from experience!


Whatever this is FTW