Should I Purchase This Item?


Wait for a sale. I purchased mine for $50 via trashbar discount code.
The spare wheel trick noted above does work well, but fiddly.


I eventuallyed one of those about a year ago.

"Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug tool collection , the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”


Outcome: I went to a shop and having them unsmang my hanger cost $30. Moral is, always buy everything.


Do I want this sweep with all the fixings?

Or this mattoc that is way prettier and missing hi/lo adjustment. Same dorado air. No hydraulic bottom out. Will use same tools as I will need to my mattoc pro I already own and like.

They will be limited to 140 and putting it on a hardtail. Im leaning mattoc for the black stanchions and because it appears to be in much better condition. Also the sticker colorway is on point. @viggen


I’d go with the X fusion HLR all day erry day, you are probably gonna be pissed at the Mattoc Comp how you can’t get it to perform as good as your Expert/Pro.


Or I could do the white expert for $300 still. Has all the adjustability. Is new so no fuckery. And I can paint it up all splashy when I do my frame.


Platsi-dip all the things!!!


Girl u gon lurn


And lo dads everywhere rejoiced?


I’m over ll bean. Because they’ve got poop politics.


Thanks for the reminder!


Stolen Zeke 26 or Fairdale Taj?


Am I going to regret not picking this up for Agnes?

She’d probably fit it fine right now. But she already has a nice hardtail and 24" Peugeot kids bike I converted to 26x1.5. I’m always thinking it will go through 3 kids and I’ll definitely get my money’s worth. But really it’s practically winter and I should just put that money toward skiing. Or if bikes, a junior or expert bmx race bike that will fit her better next year.


This fork on my Trek 360 with Ferg’s Campy SR group?


That’s real cheap for a carbon steerer on a wiggle fork.


Should I purchase a new chainring for my WI vbcs? It’s like a hundred us dollars/ 150 cad. This pisses me off because I’m so cheap. Is there a cheaper and tarck approved alternative nerd crank that people are using with 110 cranks and those funky Chinese chainrings? In spite of the rather poor shifting i don’t really hate the vbcs.


If I’ve learned anything about capitalism and desire, it’s buy what you want and have it now or wait to buy what you want for a better price and have it later. Sometimes it’s a lot later. And you could die before later.


all city nature boy.

ss cx bike complete without wheels. $300? thomson x thomson x king




I’ll buy it if you don’t want to. haha well only if it was geographically close.