Show me a...

… hub where the flanges have broken from radial lacing. I don’t doubt it can happen, I’ve just never seen one. That is all.

there are a bunch on brianforums that I saw in some thread. I think it really depends on the hub, and how well you build the wheel and of course how you ride it.

Thanks, I’ll search there if I can remember my password. It’s been awhile.

Campy Sheriff Stars seem to have a bad reputation for it.

TehScientist, I came across that thread you mentioned.

[quote=“Nicholias”]TehScientist, I came across that thread you mentioned.


that suprbe pro makes my heart hurt a little bit.

at least one dumbass laced his rear wheel like that. i hope he wasn’t surprised.

his driveside is radial, but I feel like it’s a bad idea to brake on a radial spoked wheel.

my lady friends wheel is radial ND and 2x DS
i got the wheels that way but
i wouldnt have laced em like that
but they were for the track
anyway she can get away with riding them
i can’t ride them
also front wheel is radial 18 spoke
i’ve ridden it on the street minimally
it takes about a week for me to make it need truing
they are LF campy track hubs
laced to doodoo Vs

they haven’ t broken


what is the cause? i have my front radially laced, am i in danger?

not really, especially not really if you’re a lightweight

i ride it hard though. jumping off of stuff, tricks, teh barspinz and such, still alright? also ive been noticing some creaking when cornering and turning. it sounds like what happens when you strees a wheel.