show us where you ride.

Here are a few shots I took today on my commute. Don’t move to Seattle. The weather is always like this. :bear:

from the Ballard Bridge looking east

from the bridge over Elliott looking south

i miss ballard

Don’t move to Santa Barbara, the weather is always like this :slight_smile:

looks like hell. im pretty cozy with the projected month of upcoming rain. hell yeah. wait, no, nevermind. i’m not.

So are you from Olympia or are you a transplant (I lived there for ~18 years)?

I keep having nightmares about the recurrence of another year without summer.

I’m from olympia.

I keep having nightmares about the recurrence of another year without summer.[/quote]

i really hope we get some lasting sunshine soon. is there any kind of reverse rain dance i can do? maybe do the dance backwards? eat garlic for a week? shit i dunno, i just want some fucking sun!

Fuck you and your palm trees too Zombie Carl.

I’m trying to decide where I want to go after my contract is up in Thailand. I was thinking somewhere up north (grew up in ATL), but that last pic just scared the hell out of me.

Y’all seen Cadence East Coast? That’s my neighborhood.

Don’t let it scare you. Embrace the snow! Thats groomed snowmobile trail. That day it had a nice hard crust and I was able to cover 30 miles.

Chemical toe heaters and I’m all set.

I grew up here:

Its near these:

Then I moved here:

Now I live here:

This is pretty much my commute:

Just heard we’re getting a trolley system downtown. Better start practicing my bunny hops.
Here’s Downtown

Commute in a helicopter?

just about the only thing worth riding in miami if you want an uphill battle.