Sidi strap slipping

The stabilizer strap (thats’ the one closest to your ankle that you crank down in a ratchet) has been slipping lately on my Sidi Doms. It’s a new-ish strap (replaced the old ones but they had the same problem) and it happens either during a hard skid/skip, or a hard seated acceleration. It doesn’t happen every time I do one of these, but it does happen enough to warrant some concern - I’d say once daily. I usually just put my foot on the fork crown and readjust the strap, but this shit is annoying…

Anyone have any ideas on a solution? I’m sure there’s a decent DIY way to go about getting rid of it, and if not, Sidi will always work it out I guess.

I’d call Sidi.

I was going to talk to a few Sidi dealers before doing that… but yeah, good idea.

Is it the inside or the outside (ratchet side) that’s slipping? You may just need a new ratchet.

yup. they sell new ratchets. almost all parts of the sidi shoes are fixable.

I LOVE my sidi shoes. I wish they didn’t keep jacking their prices up.

i have had the same pair of sidi doms for about 4 or 5 years, and before that i only used sidi doms, they are my favorite shoe.

It’s not the ratchet… other end of the shoe, where the stabilizer strap connects into the shoe itself. I think the solutions are either 1) put some sort of extra material in that area or 2) send the shoes to Sidi. I’m gonna call them right now.

Edit: looks like there’s no contact info on, guess I’ll go to a Sidi dealer and ask them.

Call the dealer.