Some of us still need sigs. Post only tarck-related witticisms plz.

The fact that no one understands you doesn’t mean you’re Tarck.

Not bad.


A sig is like a nickname. You can’t try to get one, it just comes to you in a moment of inspiration and/or intoxication.

The wife just spent way too much money for one of those. I told her that bike bottles have no PBEDERBE’s in them, but I guess she didn’t really care.

I’ve got one too, my brother got a good deal on it cause he used to work at a shop so I guess it’s okay… I call it cave water though cause when it splashes around it sounds like you’re in a cave. Sometimes I just sit and splash it around and pretend I am in a cave… ANYWAY, try it!

This is true.

When I’m drunk, my name changes to “Luksy” due to one ill advised drunken blog posting that I signed “Luksy.”

Being completely plastered also now known as “Luksy Mode.”

chicks with dicks

2x the fun


i like my sig.

thanks bold!

I was pedicabbing downtown and I overheard two girls as I rode by and one said, “NO! you have to EXIT before you can re-enter!!”

I wanted to make that my sig but it was IRL!!

Dont remind me that i need more guns.

DH have you had the gun fever?
I have I want a lever shotgun like a Winchester 1887 really bad right now.

i sooooo can’t wait to save enough for a USP40

I have been wanting a USP40 Match.

I will never forget jim’s metal :bear: