small changes

Don’t you just love when you make a small adjustment to your setup and suddenly everything clicks? I’m not talking about buying stuff, but things like a few millimeters up or down on the seatpost, or adjusting the bar angle slightly.

Yes, Love it :slight_smile:

yeah i raised my seat tonight and i liked the change (thanks deathhare)

No, I hate it and prefer instead to spend mass amounts of money in order to convince myself that my bike is fast enough for an overweight middle age weekend warrior like myself.

I flipped the stem on my BK a couple months back, and everything fell into place. It’s ugly as sin but it feels oh so nice.

I hadn’t tuned my bike up in nearly 2000 miles, so the other week, after I put it on the stand and overhauled it, riding it suddenly got so much easier. Everything happened so gradually that I never noticed how poor the shifting had been. Also, as it turns out, the derailer hanger was bent 15mm or so inwards. So straightening that helped, too.

A clean, well tuned bike is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth.

My most recent minor adjustment epiphany came from moving the saddle on my hardtail forward half an inch. It make a huge difference on how the bike climbs. Best free mod I’ve done this year.


That’s nuts. I clean and tune my bikes obsessively. To me that’s the fun and riding is the benefit.

And the worst part is that I work in a shop. You should have seen the winter’s worth of road grime I cleaned off.

Saddle tilt is a big one for me.

Hell, even the way the rear wheel sits in track ends makes a huge difference.

Turns out I had my BB in a wee askew. Fixed that and whoaza resistance gone. Up next, rebuilding pedals?

I just recently realized that I wasn’t raising my seat when I rode the Eggbeaters. Makes a noticeable difference.

hmm i’m about to switch from spd to time atacs, wonder what i’ll have to do here.

hmm i’m about to switch from spd to time atacs, wonder what i’ll have to do here.[/quote]

Dude, please report on how they compare? I’m looking at getting some used older ATACs on ebay and switching all my bikes over. I’m sick of mud fucking shit up big time.