Holy crap, just got snow in Richmond for the first and only time this year! Anyone been out riding in it?

I tried, but all I have are road slicks, and despite what people say about them cutting through the snow, it just wasn’t working out. I would definitely need something with some tread. This is really making me wish I had built up that spare frame in my basement with knobbies like I told everyone I was going to.

Try harder.

Also, See winter thread.

Harden the fuck up, coward.

Welcome to America.

if see snow where i live, the world might as well explode

I am so fucking sick of snow.

Frost e Beard

Im glad at 8am the security guard desk lady told me “you know that they called off coming in right?”

I guess Ill just stay here…

Frost e Beard[/quote]
i ate some asian noodles that looked just like that last nite.

My beard is quite delicious, or so I’m told.

try running your slicks at 90ish psi. you run the risk of pinch flats, but it gives you a bit more tire to ride on.

I’ve been enjoying the snow in Memphis all weekend. So bizarre. I was driving home from school and the clouds looked like what I vaguely remembered as snow clouds from growing up as a wee kids in NE Indiana and Chicago. As soon as I hit the county line the sky just opened up with fat flakes of snow. Whenever things fall from the sky, Memphis drivers instinctively start swerving and crashing into things so it was a very scary drive home for me. We ended up getting about 6 inches with some areas nearby getting over a foot. I’m guessing Richmond got the same system. My dog had no idea what was going on which was pretty fun to watch

I don’t think the tires were at more than 90. Eh. I’ve done snow before, but I forgot how craptastic tire tracks can be.

went riding in it yesterday and last night. I don’t think I would try now since alot of it is frozen now. But I did go sledding, on tupperware tops and car hoods. went to Maymont park and to the end of Oregon hill.

Frost e Beard[/quote]

Hah, sup father time.

Why would you deflate your tires to 90 psi, when at normal, you can do mad skidzz?