So I work in a bike museum...

It’s actually a used/vintage bike shop, supposedly the largest in the world, and it might as well be a museum. My job is primarily restoring the old bikes that come in, and selling them/installing accessories when I’m not in the middle of a project. Here are a few of the interesting things we have laying around:

Yes, it has full Campy Record:

Late 1930’s Schwinn track frame, repainted by Waterford:

The other day we went for a group ride after work, each taking a random silly/unique bike from the store to ride. I had brought my tallbike (not pictured) so that’s what I rode.

36er that makes any rider look like a toddler:

Some chopper:

Brand new Surly 1x1 with slicks:

Rickety ass tallbike deathtrap that really shouldn’t be for sale, but it normally hangs from the ceiling and is listed at a price no one would pay anyway:

There’s loads more neat bikes and stuff. I’ll post more periodically.

in for more awesome.

fuck you and your incredible job.

so jealous.

How much for the Daccordi TT frame?

That would make a sweet 1x9 with risers.

is that a brand new rat ride? il bastardo!

[quote=pirate]fuck you and your incredible job.

so jealous.[/quote]

Where in madison is it? Name? I might have to check that out

[quote=blickblocks]How much for the Daccordi TT frame?

That would make a sweet 1x9 with risers.[/quote]

$595 on the tag.

Yup, and it rocks.

930 West Regent St., or corner of Regent and Brooks on the near west side.

I’m going to have to head over there. Do you go to UW?

Nope, I went to Virginia Tech. Do you live in town?

dream job.

your job = win

Interesting mix of the fancy, the classic, and the bizarre. Does the shop have a website?

I live on Langdon, do you ride around campus much?

I didn’t look at the address, but it’s gotta be Yellow Jersey.

^ My first guess too.

This is a great thread! Thanks for posting it. Maybe Ill take my camera into Ben’s/Milwaukee Bikes next time I work and snap some photos of the treasures collecting dust in the warehouse.

Funny, I actually just heard today that a site is in the works. I doubt it will have an online store, but the owner does sell rare components and accessories on ebay.

Somewhat. I go to shows at Rathskellar and screenings in the Play Circle and Cinemateque, so pretty much only in the evenings. What do you ride? I’m sure I’ve seen your bike around.

Budget Bicycle Center Used. Yellow Jersey is a tiny boutique shop on State St., but they do have a big assortment of blingy components.

I ride a 07 schwinn madison with rb021’s and a chrome fork and crest cannondale.
You ride a black _______

lol, that jokebike was parted out and sold long ago. I ride this usually:

But with silver fenders, all-black tires, and Vetta saddle.

And I was riding this when it was snowing:

i’m curious, do you have any cool old fully rigid mtb’s? and would you ship to iowa? a mtb is going to be my next purchase, assuming it can do racks/fenders. if not i’ll do a cross check.