So I'm almost finished with the bicycling crossword.

I have everything but 1.
snip coz fuck new guy
idk what the last letter is.
sucks man.

that is the thing btw.
I just wanna finish. if you figger it out I will give you all the numbers to enter the contest.

it is B.
I win.
if anyone wants the answers pm me. or help. it is satisfying.

15 across does not fit ‘two skoal pouches’

please fix

edit- forgot about bike theme.

sidenote- wintergreen skoal tastes identical to my toothpaste, so now I start heaving when I brush my teeth; it sucks

Switch to Arm & Hammer.

baking soda ftw

dude pretty sure it’s isL for the jamaica, barbados abbr. clue, and as for the non-profit org it’s proly IMIA. I couldn’t get anything else. Any other ideas?

wtf go away.

I dont know why anyone is helping anyone on this, come to think of it- it’s a competition. Sweet bikes are on the line.

who is this piece of shit?

I don’t know why you joined tarck

B. you win. well, actually you don’t because its a SWEEPSTAKES

My first post was a mistake, obviously wrong. Sorry bout that.
Joined tarck because I needed the same info as turpencat. again sry, and no need to call me a piece of sh*t. you guys cyclists?