SOLD IT!!!1!111q222kk

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These are really cool hybrids, I wish I didn’t already have 5 projects going on

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Omg what was it

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it was some hybrids. but like really expensive ones that don’t hybrid much better than the one you have. but they were nice. really nice. maybe too nice to be a hybrid. but totally meant to be a hybrid

I think it was a tumblebumble thing?

Ritchey Ascent?

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Oh yeah that thing. U rite.

what is the point of removing the entire listing? always drives me crazy when people remove the price with $SOLD on f/s boards.

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To have you ask questions

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Ya like I need price references

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1050 for frame and fork or something like that

I’d like to know where it sold

Not here lol, we don’t do enough volume and I expect more friendly prices


Because it’s sold